How to Fillet Salmon?

The chef at Osaka Slidell Restaurant demonstrates how to fillet a Salmon.


What is a Hibachi?

To those in the West, a hibachi is the small, portable grill featured in many Japanese restaurants, that was inspired by the Japanese shichirin. However in Japan, a hibachi is a form of heater, traditionally used in the winter to warm a room. This can be confusing to those who go between the East and the West.

Hibachi cooking is a grilling technique that originated in Japan. Hibachi cooking generally includes anything from simple, grilled meats and vegetables to communal soups and stews. In Japan, grills for hibachi cooking are called shichirin. Skewered meats known as yakitori are one of the most popular foods prepared with hibachi cooking. Yakitori ingredients may be marinated before cooking, or they may be brushed with teriyaki sauce during the grilling process.

What is Sushi?

Sushi refers to any dish that uses rice mixed with vinegar. Traditionally, Sushi was made with Raw Fish, but there are many ingredients that can go into a Sushi Roll besides raw fish. Some of the more common ingredients include, fruit, vegetables, broiled fish, egg, tofu, meats and fish roe.

The main ingredients in a Western style Sushi roll include the Sushi-meshi, Nori, Neta, and Condiments. Sushi-meshi is the rice mixture, prepared with short-grained, Japanese rice and mixed with a dressing consisting of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. Nori is the black seaweed wrapper that is placed on top of the rice mixture. The Neta are the meats, vegetables, and other ingredients used in a sushi roll. The most common condiments that are used with a sushi roll are soy sauce mixed with some wasabi.

What is Sashimi?

Sashimi is sliced raw fish. It may be served with a bowl of rice on the side. Condiments such as soy sauce and wasabi or common dipping sauces for Sashimi. The word Sashimi means “pierced body,” and some believe that it is derived from the culinary practice of keeping the fish’s tail and fin with the cut slices to identify the fish being eaten.

How to Use Chopsticks

Use your left hand to hold the chopsticks. With the support of your left hand, hold the chopsticks by placing them between your right thumb and forefinger.
 Fix the lower chopstick between the tip of your middle and ring fingers. Place the upper chopstick between your index and middle fingers. Press both chopsticks in place with your thumb. By moving the upper chopstick with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger, pick up a morsel of food between the pointed ends of your chopsticks and carry it to your mouth. Remember that only the upper chopstick should be moving.

If a piece of food is too large to eat in one bite, you should not cut it with your chopstick. Bring the entire piece of food to your mouth with the chopsticks, then take a bite out of it, and return the remainder of the piece to your plate.

You may use chopsticks to help you eat soup. Spoons are generally not used to consume soup. The bowl is brought to the mouth and the soup is sipped. You may use your chopsticks to maneuver the food in the soup into your mouth.